The usage of KYLT Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines
2017-08-25 09:35:21

Cold chamber Die Casting Machine,Also named: Cold chamber Injection Machine,Aluminum die casting/injection molding machine; Pressure injection machine etc.

 The pressure chamber and the injection head are not immersed in molten metal, but the quantitative molten metal is poured into the chamber, and then a die-casting machine is pressed.

Cold chamber die-casting machine is a type of die-casting equipment, its working principle is, through the soup spoon to the way to pour molten metal liquid into the pressure chamber (into the barrel), and then use the injection piston (hammerhead) to push the metal liquid into the mold, in a certain pressure to cool solidification and get the finished product of a casting equipment. Its applicable die-casting metal is usually aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc(zamak) alloy, copper alloy and so on.

In them, Aluminum alloy are widely used in all kinds of industrial lines: 

-Lamps/lighting die casting parts

-Electrical motor / car & Hardware die casting parts

-Communication die casting parts

-Garden machinery and power tools die casting parts

-Motor,elecator steps,Fence accessories, medical equipment, rotor etc die casting parts

-Automotive Die casting parts

-Kitchen and toilet appliances die casting parts

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