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SLI Battery Injection Bushing Mould/Mold/Tooling
2017-05-31 13:55:07

KYLT SLI Battery Lead/PB alloy die casting bushing mould/mold/tooling. Lead acid battery PB alloy Bushing, Post, TERMINAL LEAD PART mold (lead injection mould, lead acid battery PB bushing/post mold,lead die casting mould/tooling/fixture)Whatsapp/mob:008615195010186 Email:stonechenpeng@aliyun.comKYLT make molds as per client's drawings or samples which also can be casted by their ordered die casting machine.And,provide casted samples for client to check.

KYLT 20T, 30TBatterylead bushing and terminal (vertical, horizontal) injection machines (also called: Pb casting machine or Pb injection machine) are specially used to cast lead alloy part for lead acid battery. With molds of battery bushing and terminal, the machine can do casting work automatically, don't need worker to care all time, is good for the healthy of operator.

Now, KYLT 12T, 18T, 20T, 22T (PLC)30T die casting machine provide "CUSTOMIZED SERVICE".

All machines motor can be changed as per customers local power supply.

Now, we have 3types motor:

*380V,50HZ,3PHASES 4WIRES - forChinamarket andindiamarket

*380V,60HZ,3PHASES 4WIRES - forBrazilmarket

*220V,60HZ,3PHASES - for some regions ofBrazilandTaiwan

Injection Molds types: zinc alloy die casting mold (zinc jewelry mold, zinc zipper mold, metal mold, hardware mold), lead alloy die casting mold (Pb injection mold, Pb bushing mold, Pb terminal mold), aluminum alloy die casting mold, plastic injection mold and fixtures.

KYLT has 200T, 280T,300T cold chamber die casting machine to produce all kinds of Zinc(Zn, zamak), Aluminum(Alu.) alloy parts as per cliends drawings or samples.Our casting products lines involve: auto car, furniture(chair arms, foot), power tools/ pneumatic tools/ hand tools, household appliances, tel-communicate etc.More informaions, please feel free to contact us:Contact : StoneWeb: www.zamakcast.comWhatsapp/mob:008615195010186