15T zinc/lead injection machine
15T zinc / lead injection machine
2015-11-12 11:01:40

15T Horizontal Full Automatic Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Parameters:


 ---Type: 1500A



Tonnage: 15T

Die locking force: 150KNOil tank capacity: 170L

Tie bars inner space: 210*230MM  

Die moving stroke: 125MM  

Mold thickness: 110-190MM

Injection force: 18KN

Injection stroke: 72MM 

Metal dosage pershot (Zn): 150g

Melting pot capacity(Zn.):80KG

Oil pump flow rate: 28L/MIN

Motor power: 5.5KW

Accumulator capacity: 10L 

Machine working pressure: 6.2MPA

Electric heating tube power:6.9KW

Heater power : 1KW

Machine weight: ~1100KG


   15T full automatic hot chamber die casting machine adopts worldwide famous brands of electrical appliance and hydraulic component, high reliability, high efficiency of production, high automation. The zinc alloy, lead alloy and tin alloy which is manufactured by the machine has the best surface quality, and can be polishing, electro facing, and spray lacquer, and it is widely used in manufacturing toy, lockset, fishing gear, hardware decorating parts, electrical and electronic casting, automobile part, watchcase, clothing metal accessory and so on.

  1. Auto-mould height adjustment: ensure fast adjusting, stable clamping and high durability;

  2. Adopt integrated injection cylinder, which has high efficiency, stability and safety;

  3. Mold closing protective system can protect operator’s security, and reduce mold damage probability.

  4. Control panel with easy operation and safe locking protection design.

  5. Reliable and durable automatic sprayer assures fast and stable production.

  6. The improved furnace adopts advanced design and material, more energy saving and durable;

  7. Mold closing/opening adopts electronic fix detecting system, and its precision is higher;

  8. The alarm information can be found conveniently and timely;

  9. Injection operation, opening and locking mould design etc. can be set on the screen rapidly and accurately;

  10. PLC control system with text interface configuration is convenient and flexible;

  11. High-strength steel alloy tie bar with chromium plated for high wear resistance and long service life;

  12. Thickened platen was made of excellent ductile cast iron with high rigidity, even stress and little distortion, which ensures the stability of die casting machine

  13. Diagonal five point toggle was made of ductile cast iron with high rigidity, high durability, and more stable mold opening and closing;

  14. Hot-working parts of injection system adopt high quality hot-working steel.