KYLT die casting machines
2014-03-28 09:16:19


 KYLT die casting machines


Hot chamber die casting machine

KYLT hot chamber die casting machines are used for alloys with low melting temperatures, such as zinc, tin, and lead. (KYLT 12T, 20T, 22T, 30T hot chamber die casting machine also called zinc (zn) casting / injection machinne, Lead (pb) casting / injection machine, zipper making machine, jewelry injection machine, zinc metal casting / injection machine.)The metal is ontained in an open holding pot which is placed into a furnace, where it is melted to the necessary temperature. The molten metal then flows into a shot chamber through an inlet and a plunger, powered by hydraulic pressure,forces the molten metal through a gooseneck channel and into the die. KYLT 12T, 20T, 22T, 30T Hot chamber die casting machine injection pressures are from 16 to 36KN.  After the molten metal has been injected into the die cavity, the plunger remains down, holding the pressure while the casting solidifies. After solidification, the hydraulic system retracts the plunger and the part can be ejected by the clamping unit. Prior to the injection of the molten metal, this unit closes and clamps the two halves of the die. When the die is attached to the die casting machine, each half is fixed to a large plate, called a platen. The front half of the die, called the cover die, is mounted to a stationary platen and aligns with the gooseneck channel. The rear half of the die, called the ejector die, is mounted to a movable platen, which slides along the tie bars. The hydraulically powered clamping unit actuates clamping bars that push this platen towards the cover die and exert enough pressure to keep it closed while the molten metal is injected. Following the solidification of the metal inside the die cavity, the clamping unit releases the die halves and simultaneously causes the ejection system to push the casting out of the open cavity. The die can then be closed for the next injection.

KYLT hot chamber die casting machines:


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*12T.20T.22T.30T hot chamber die casting machine (zinc injection machine, lead injection machine)