Battery lead (Pb) die casting (injection) machine
2014-03-28 09:15:01

KYLT Battery lead (pb) die casting (injection) machine used to cast all kinds of battery pb bushings.

Main parameters of 30T pb injection machine is: Tonnage:30T,Die locking force:300KN,Tie-bars dia.:45MM,Die stroke: 150MM,Tie bars space:270*320MM,Mold thickness:160-310MM,Max.injection force: 36KN,Ejection force:20KN


KYLT has 3types motors for clients:

*380V,50HZ,3PHASE-for china,india market

*380V,60HZ,3PHASE-for brazile market

*220V,60HZ,3PHASE-for some regions of brazil and taiwan market


Some Pb. bushings which KYLT made molds and cast samples show: