2014-03-28 09:07:57

For users, the key to find the suitable machine is know their correct name.

But for one thing, in different countries and regions will have many different names.


Here, we have short statement for other names of hot chamber die casting machine:


*In WIKIPEDIA, hot chamber die casting machine called: hot chamber machine (hot chamber injection machine), gooseneck machine. Why call it gooseneck machine?

Because the big feature of hot chamber die casting machine is that there is a gooseneck structure connect the pot and So, some one call it gooseneck injection machine, gooseneck die casting machine, hot chamber gooseneck die casting machine, hot chamber gooseneck injectioin machine.



*Hot chamber die casting machine is used to melt all kinds of low melting point material: such as lead (Pb), zinc (Zn or Zamak), tin etc. So, it has names:

1. For metal, named: hot chamber metal die casting machine, hot chamber metal injection machine, metal casting machine etc.

2. For zinc alloy, named: zinc (zn, zamak) alloy hot chamber die casting machine, zinc (zn,zamak) cast machine, zinc (zn, zamak) injection machine, zinc (zn, zamak) metal cast / inject machine

3. For lead alloy, named: lead (pb) alloy hot chamber die casting  machine, lead (pb) cast machine, lead (pb) injection machine, lead (pb) metal cast / inject machine  As this machine type 30T is widely used to cast battery lead parts, so ,is also called : battery lead (pb) bushing making / inject machine ,battery lead (pb) terminal making / inject machine,Injetora Pb máquina

4. For different industrials, named: zinc (zn, zamark) alloy jewelry hot chamber die casting machine, zinc (zn, zamark) jewelry injection machine, zinc (zn, zamark) zipple making / injection machine, zinc (zn, zamark) hardware & accessories making /injection machine etc.

5. As have different tonnages, so it also have name: 12T die casting machine or 20t zinc injection machine  or 30t lead casting machine if have PLC, the name can be: 22T PLC die casting / injection machine.


Maybe you are confused for thoes names, OK, make everything easy. Just privide part drawing /samples or your required machine parameters to KYLT  email: or , we will choose the suitable machine type and give mold making suggestions to you.