How to got wanted informations from WWW.CNKYLT.COM
2014-03-28 08:50:28

The statement about the web of KYLT industrial limited:   

*KYLT company: Home page-KYLT industrial limited & inner page-About Us.

*KYLT products:12T, 20T,22T(PLC), 30T hot chamber die casting machine(Zinc alloy injection machine / Zinc alloy die casting machine / Lead alloy injection machine / Lead alloy die casting machine) can be choose. Also, all kinds of spare parts of machines, molds for injection, zinc alloy casting parts are viable.


   - More information about KYLT, please read: ABOUT US.

   - More information about KYLT products & service, please read: PRODUCT.

   - More information about KYLT machines parameters, please download it from: DOWNLOAD-KYLT Files.

   - More knowledges about die casting machines & die casting processes,please download it from: DOWNLOAD-TEC. Files.


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